Wilde Weide Wedge

oil on wood, 8x10"

Wilde Weide Wedge, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Cheese Portraits series.

I'm very glad to revisit this cheese for a second painting because it's one of the most pleasurable to eat. I have been commissioned by a good patron that really wanted this cheese portrait specifically. And, the timing had worked out perfectly; I was in NYC for a short visit and stopped in to see my friends at Eataly where I ended up unintentionally buying this wedge. Eataly's cheese department is always a heavenly experience, therefor I decided to paint this on its brown paper Eataly wrapper. This wedge was a perfect model too with its crystalized terrain and uneven surface that is typical of a freshly cracked open wheel of a firm aged cheese. (sigh)

"Wilde Weide" is Dutch and translates as "wild meadow" and is made with extra love and care from raw, organic milk and aged extra long to achieve an undeniable Gouda bliss that I suspect no one can resist. It conjures up words such as "warmth", "nutty" and "whiskey" all happy words to me!

Origin: Holland

Availability: sold