Quicke's Cheddar

oil on wood, 6x12"

Quicke's Cheddar, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Cheese Portraits series.

This is one of the UK's great cheddars. It is clothbound and cave aged for close to a year or more on the Quicke's family farm that they've farmed for over 400 years in Devon, England. In anticipation of meeting the great Mary Quicke on my upcoming trip to England, I decided I should be better prepared by finally getting her cheese in my studio. Mary is a legend; she's responsible for the company's impressive success with making and selling an iconic cheese.

Prior to painting this cheese, I decided to ask my friend Tenaya Darlington, aka Madame Fromage, who can go on and on about the long list of reasons to be impressed with Mary Quicke, what color she thinks of when she thinks of Mary's cheddar. The conversation was short.

me: "so, if I were to paint Mary Quicke's cheddar what color do you th- "

Apparently, the start of every passionate cheese tour at Mary's farm starts with hands filled with lush sweet grass. This cave aged cheddar is incredible. It is among my favorite for texture, that perfect fudge mouth feel that goes so nicely with the earthy richness and almost a hint of smokiness that I found myself sustained all day in the studio as I was eating away at an extra wedge I was smart enough to grab before painting. It's great to paint a subject with it on my tongue.

Origin: UK, England

Price: $550

Detail View:

Detail View of Quicke's Cheddar, original artwork by Mike Geno