French Fries

oil on wood, 12x9"

French Fries, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Foodie series.

French Fries are among my many weaknesses; I cannot leave one uneaten. It's a curse that can be unhealthy. Imaging my torture to have a jumbo batch of hot, freshly made hand-cut fries fill my studio with that beautiful perfume!

This commission is one that I am ever grateful for as I wonder if I would have ever found the push to approach the subject rather than just eat it. I'm also very grateful for the help of Shannon Dougherty, chef-owner of one of Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen, one of my favorite local gastropubs and one that makes some of my favorite fries! Shannon was kind enough to assist my request and sent me walking back to my studio with an open large tinfoil pan filled with golden brown goodness. I feared neighbors would get a wiff of my treasure and attack me for it; I'm not exaggerating- I actually envisioned this as I walked in a trance and exercised such will power (I only ate 5 fries!).

Origin: Philadelphia, PA

Availability: sold

Animated Painting Progression:

Animated Painting Progression of French Fries, original artwork by Mike Geno