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Divine Providence

Divine Providence

Series: Cheese Portraits

Description: The folks at Narragansett Creamery in Providence, Rhode Island were unbelievably kind and generous to send me a whole wheel of this delicious blonde beauty! From their site: "Divine Providence: This semi-aged Gouda-style cheese has a natural-rind and a nutty, smooth finish. It is cave aged for 3-5 months and only available on a limited basis." I was so glad to get this last New England state on my #cheesemap and excited to possibly meet the makers this coming summer. I'll be attending the 2015 American Cheese Society's annual conference and competition which is in Providence! I admit, I couldn't help but snack on this cheese the whole time I painted it. This cheese is so good with coffee, by the way, I was inspired to go with a warm brown background, which compliments the pale yellow-white paste just as well as coffee and cheese go together!

Origin: USA, Rhode Island

Tags: Gouda, cow, RI, American

Price: $800