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Series: Cheese Portraits

Description: This is my celebration of National Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation day. This award winning washed rind beauty comes from Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax, Virginia. According to Murray's cheese : "Looks like Taleggio. Smells like Feete. This award-winning cheese is a product of the strict ecological farming practices of the Virginia Feete family. Using the raw milk of their 80-head herd of Jersey cows". I stopped in at my favorite cheese bistro, Wedge + Fig, in Philly and was asked "do you want to try a great stinker?" This taleggio-styled cheese is from Meadow Creek Dairy, and It was wonderfully robust with flavors on all sorts of levels. The extra perk is that I finally had access to a Virginia cheese for the cheesemap !

Origin: USA, Virginia

Tags: cow, raw milk,

Price: $600