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Simply Artisan Reserve Blue Cheese

Simply Artisan Reserve Blue Cheese

Series: Cheese Portraits

Description: This is the 1st place winner at the American Cheese Society, for their 2015 Blue Cheese category and I can see why. It's really delicious. Made in small batches, Simply Artisan Reserve Cheese, from Litehouse Foods, is hand-crafted from a small town in North idaho. Wheels are hand turned and hand salted, and then aged a minimum of 100 days to achieve the rich flavor that results from European style cultures and single-source Holstein milk. I was happy to add the state of idaho when I was alerted of this cheese being available at my local cheese dealer, Di Bruno Bros, in Philadelphia. I had a hard time resisting eating more of it before I even started the painting. I cut a slice off the wedge and snacked on it as I painted. During my break, I learned that this salty tasty cheese goes wonderfully with coffee.

Origin: USA, idaho

Tags: blue,

Price: $600