food·ie: (foo'dee)

* A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet: "in the culinary fast lane, where surprises are expected and foodies beg to be thrilled" (Boston Globe).
*n : a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

*other than the 10pretzels, the largest paintings so far are around 8x8".

This series of food still life paintings is directly related to my obsessive enjoyment of food and how that enjoyment connects me to a larger community. More specifically these paintings are all ready-to-eat subjects that are presented in a range of displays including abstraction through decorative groupings as well as a more traditional singe object presentation. I am interested in exploring, through paint, the attractive qualities of various food items that we are sold in the consumer culture we exist in. In an installation of a large grouping of these small paintings and with a focus on these qualities I aim to trigger both the impulses of longing for the food as well as multiple personal memories the audience may recall as they connect to each piece.

foodie paintings installation

My intention is to address the subject in this context rather than monumentalize it and also to avoid the pitfalls of the over-traveled path of traditional food still life painting. In recent years, through a still-life format of isolating single objects, I have been investigating subjects for their abstract-ness and their values to a consumer culture. They are about paint as much as they are about my choice to paint them. Of course my true ambition is to be absurdly successful, perhaps less poor and the envy of all the right people. Meanwhile, I hope in contextually curating various subjects and types of subjects that the common thread connecting them, stands as a statement itself - perhaps so I don’t have to write any more.


**also, I organize a foodie group.


prints & paintings available

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