This series of paintings involves the senuality and seductiveness of meat. I have worked in meat rooms at supermarkets, as both a clerk and apprentice meat cutter, long enough to see the aesthetic values in a wide range of cuts of meat. As an 'artist/meatcutter' I recognized the necessity for meat to be abstracted in order to be swallowed, therefore, it was natural for me to objectify meat and approach it with the same focus as my other still-life objects. I found it most enjoyable to work with subject matter that attracted a diverse audience consisting of vegetarians and carnivores alike.

moore college of art & design

installation vew at Moore College of Art & Design

"These paintings are about meat and about paint. Each painting is about the physical reality of meat (and paint) and each painting shows the physical reality of paint (and meat). They're just paintings of meat - painted fast because the meat won't last - but they pose interesting questions about the relationship of the artwork to the thing depicted."

- Brian Wallace, Galleries at Moore Curator


exhibition at gallerythe,Brooklyn, NY


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featured in meatpaper magazine


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