Scrapple Print

ink on paper, ready to frame: 10x8"

Scrapple Print, original artwork by Mike Geno

Catalog Number: FP24
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This print is of an actual painting that was part of a very successful series of local (Philadelphia) food still-life paintings. Love it or hate it, scrapple is considered a local treat or..not. Regardless, it's definitely part of Philly's local food identity. Its form being fried slices left little choice but for me to reference Rothko's abstract color field paintings. I feel this gives one the versatile art that can be both abstract and specifically representational at once.

This print is actaully the same size of the original oil painting :(6"x4" image) on 8x10" paper and shipped protected in clear acid free sleeves and ready for framing.

Price: $20

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Image 2 of Scrapple Print, original artwork by Mike Geno