The Camel's Back

oil on wood, 8x8"

The Camel's Back, original artwork by Mike Geno

My first taste of this cheese was at a table with the owners, Thomas and Barbara Schaer, of Meadowset farm and Apiary. The farm is outside of Philadelphia on the DE border. Thomas is Swiss born and he and his wife began making cheese from their heard of sheep in addition to being full-time vetenarians! (so, I feel lazy and completely underworked after speaking with them...)

"The Camel's Back, created in collaboration with longtime Talula's cheese expert Kate Stroh, is a firm Toma-style with less acidity due to its washed curd, and it shows the extraordinary complexity of good, aged sheep's milk: mushroomy earthiness, nuts, and lingering sweet grass." - Craig LaBan

Country of Origin: USA, Pennsylvania

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