oil on wood, 8x10"

Miranda, original artwork by Mike Geno

According to one of my favorite cheese blogs, "cheese notes" who did a great job writing up this beautiful cheese called Miranda, it's from up-state New York cheese maker, Jos Vulto. Miranda is made in small Italian cheese moulds which makes such an alluring basket textured rind that I was drawn to it the moment I saw it. Another interesting detail is that this delicious washed-rind cheese is washed with absinthe. Mmmm. I was lucky to get my hands on it since I've been told it's scarce outside of NY state and it's from this relatively new cheese maker in high demand.

Another endearing element I found on Vulto's own blog: "Last December (2012), Miranda, my wife, died. She was a big supporter of my cheese making venture and a beacon for me to hold on to when I was overcome with doubt. One of her wishes was for me to make a cheese and name it after her" . After I finished this portrait and finally had a chance to taste this wonderful cheese, I can attest, this is a worthy monument of life and beauty.

Country of Origin: USA, New York

Availability: sold