oil on wood, 9x12"

Trillium, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Cheese Portraits series.

I fell in love with the beauty of this cheese the moment I saw it. As usual, I was shopping for another cheese to paint and Rich at Di Bruno Bros. is like a crack dealer. I can't resist the stuff he shows me. This one especially evoked some minor cursing at him because I knew I was helpless. It's also an incredible indulgent cheese to eat. If you like yourself, go get it. I later found there was virtually no info online about this cheese but thankfully ONE blog had written about it a couple years ago:

"Lazy Lady Farm is based in Westfield, Vermont, & is owned/operated by Laini Fondiller.

In Trillium, you will find a nuanced & decadent cheese. Trillium is a small format wheel with three layers of milk; two layers of cow's milk sandwiching a layer of goat's milk in the center & separated by ribbons of vegetable ash.... What makes her operation even more impressive is that all of her delicious cheeses are made on her farm that is totally off the grid - run 100% on solar & wind power" - info found at

Origin: USA,Vermont

Availability: sold