oil on wood, 10x10"

Amram, original artwork by Mike Geno

After visiting Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse in Milford, NJ, where they make the one of the subjects of my earliest cheese portraits "Bobolink Drumm". The tour was given by husband and wife Jonathan and Nina White who are incredibly interesting and charismatic. This portrait is of a great little cheese (the wheel is around 4" in diameter) that I brought back called "Amram", named after and in honor of their good friend David Amram. Here's what they say on their site:

"David Amram is a living musical legend. In the Fifties, he was a jazz poet with Jack Kerouac. In the Sixties he was Bernstein's first Composer in Residence at the NYC Philharmonic. He is equally well known for his jazz, classical and ethnic music. David has composed over 100 orchestral and chamber works, and has scored several films and plays. He worked with the late Joseph Papp on the libretto for the NYC Shakespeare Festival's production of "the Twelfth Night". On top of everything else, David is still farming, on the farm where he raised his three children, in Putnam Valley, NY. By the way, I named a cheese after David, a small honor compared to his BMI award....."

Country of Origin: USA, New Jersey

Availability: sold