Slab Bacon

oil on wood, 10x20"

Slab Bacon, original artwork by Mike Geno

Known in Hungary as a szaloona, this was cut from the center of an 8 pound slab of Hungarian Bacon sent to me by a special food guardian angel named Scott. He works for Atalanta Corporation, a specialty food importer. It just showed up at my doorstep one day and when I asked about it, Scott said he thought I might enjoy painting something like this for a change, and boy was he right!

I was told: "This imported slab of premium-quality bacon is made from he leanest pork available and is cured with brown sugar and hardwood slowly smoked over beech-wood for hours. That's the reason the flavor, texture have the perfect balance of meat, salt, sweetness and smoke." It's been a long time since I've painted meat, but I see this as a new chapter in meat painting for me. .... I have actually planned to paint some charcuterie so if this continues, I'll maybe move this to a new series page!

Origin: Hungry

Price: $900

Detail View:

Detail View of Slab Bacon, original artwork by Mike Geno