Tuna Sashimi

oil on wood, 12x12"

Tuna Sashimi, original artwork by Mike Geno

Tuna on Daikon (Japanese radish)

I revisited Hikari, not just because it's my closest sushi restaurant but also for their enthusiasm to help me with this project. The chef and hostess couldn't be more accommodating. The chef, Anthony, suggested a couple things and I instantly liked his idea for the sashimi. I knew I needed to do at least one for the series but a hunk of fresh fish, regardless of luminescent color, is something I've seen painted often. It's the most traveled road it seemed. So this "flower" of beautiful fresh tuna optimizes the amount of play with color, light and translucent glowing. Plus, it was more challenging, and I always seem to like my paintings the harder they are to achieve.

Restaurant: Hikari

Price: $800.00