Manzano Blue Moon

oil on wood, 8x10"

Manzano Blue Moon, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Cheese Portraits series.

This delightful cheese is produced at The Old Windmill Dairy, in New Mexico. They are farmstead producers of bloomy rind goat and cow milk cheeses and I was thrilled to add the state of New Mexico to my cheese map. I have Lilith Spencer from Cheese Mongers of Santa Fe to thank, as she helped me get this state's cheese to paint.

I am even more thrilled to have this cheese to eat! This small palm-sized goat round has a blue mold rind and it's absolutely delicious. I thought I might paint it with the wedge cut out of it sitting next to the wheel. However, I couldn't resist tasting it. When I saw how ripe it was, with that sizable drip of gooey goat cheese oozing down almost immediately, I realized I had to move quickly. When I felt I could take a quick break, I decided to eat that wedge of the wheel I cut out. It was so light, fluffy, creamy and as perfect a goat cheese I've ever had. It especially paired well with a crisp apple too.

Origin: USA, New Mexico

Price: $600

Detail View:

Detail View of Manzano Blue Moon, original artwork by Mike Geno