Peppered Feta

oil on wood, 10x10"

Peppered Feta, original artwork by Mike Geno

From the Cheese Portraits series.

This outstanding Feta is ROUND! Yes, the folks at Crow's Dairy sent me a wheel of this incredibly delicious Arizona feta. Local (Philly) Di Bruno Bros. cheese monger, David Jeffry Harper, reached out to his home state and connected me with Rhonda and Wendell Crow of Crow's Dairy, a 5th generation dairy farm. They were all enthusiastically supportive of my cheese map project and helped get Arizona added to my list of painted cheese portrait states! THANK YOU ALL!

It was generous for Crow's Dairy to send me a whole wheel and I love that it comes round! This unique cheese is a goat feta, layered with pepper and spices as the curd was added to the cheese molds. They sealed in cry-vac plastic for shipping cross country, rather than the usual floating in brine and it seemed so dense. However, my first bite assured me it is light and incredibly beautiful on my tongue. I pretty much made this, and some melonI had brought to the studio, my lunch. I'm a big fan of this cheese (and the Crow's) and I can see why they have very little of it to ship. The dairy has had great success supplying restaurants and local markets but they hinted they're working to expand their reach, which is good news for the rest of us!

Origin: USA, Arizona

Price: $600

Detail View:

Detail View of Peppered Feta, original artwork by Mike Geno