Smores Cake

oil on wood, 24x23"

Smores Cake, original artwork by Mike Geno

I met local food fanatic, Rebecca Canna, a few years ago and bonded over our shared love of cheese. Since then she's become obsessed with baking as well. We talked about her beautiful layered cakes for over a year as a painting idea. They can be seen on instagram (you should see yourself: @the_lorelei_bake_shop and The Lorelei Bake Shop specializes in custom, buttercream cakes and she brought over one of her favorites!

Finally we were able to coordinate our busy schedules and Rebecca was generous enough to bake me one of her delicious masterpieces and bring it over to my studio. This studio model was a stunning challenge and once it was cut you see how complicated it was to construct. She describes it as a twist on the childhood indulgence, this Smores Cake with a Strawberry Compote combines graham cake with chocolate ganache, marshmallow, and vanilla-bean swiss meringue buttercream.

The torched marshmallow meringue frosting was like a see of amber tentacles and I just knew the background color had to be this complimentary blue green. It was a long but fun and delicious day in the studio. The rare occasion of such a fun model had me convinced I should make this a bit bigger than usual and it pops off my studio wall like it belongs in Pee Wee's Playhouse!

Origin: USA, Pennsylvania

Price: $2500

Additional Image:

Additional Image of Smores Cake, original artwork by Mike Geno

Detail View:

Detail View of Smores Cake, original artwork by Mike Geno